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Are you experiencing pain in pregnancy? Do you want to maximise your chance of a positive birth outcome?

We provide specialized, expert, treatment for pregnancy related pain. We have years of experience in helping women at all stages of pregnancy. We commonly see and achieve excellent results with: Pelvic Pain, Sciatica, Pubic Symphasis Dystasis, Rib Pain and Back Pain associated with pregnancy. Our treatments are extremely safe and gentle.  We carefully tailor our techniques to suit you and your pregnancy.

By optimising the pelvic mechanics, the risk of having complications during the delivery is reduced. We make sure that your pelvis can adapt and open correctly to facilitate an easy birth.

We are also there for you after the delivery, and effectively treat low back and pelvic pain, pelvic floor, bladder, and bowel issues relating to difficult births.  In July 2017 Alex completed a 2 year post graduate diploma in Women’s Health in Osteopathy. This gives her a specialist qualification in the treatment of women during pregnancy and the post natal period, but she has already been treating women and their babies for over a decade. Alex is the only Osteopath working in Ireland to hold this diploma.

Our mums tell us they love our holistic treatments, and that they help massively with pain relief and wellness during this emotional and exciting time.