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Does your baby have trouble settling, feeding or sleeping?

Babies bodies are well designed for the rigours of the birth process, but on occasion the body’s adaptive powers are over-reached. This may be the case if the birth has been particularly long or difficult, or required the assistance of suction, forceps or a c-section delivery.

Sometimes babies that have had a tough time show difficulties in settling, feeding and sleeping. They may dislike being held, cry a lot, or are unable to lie comfortably or turn their head fully.

Some of these babies even suffer from constant infections throughout their childhood, difficulties with their concentration and emotional regulation.

Our Osteopaths have specialist skills in the treatment of babies and children. This is called Cranial Osteopathy. Cranial Osteopaths use gentle and specific assessment and treatment to gently restore the body to function. Our work may help to reduce episodes of illness and the need for medication. It also makes the babies more settled and happy. Please see our blog to learn more, and our testimonials section for some of the great results our babies have achieved.