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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy employs low power or ‘soft’ laser light to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively.

It has been used for over 30 years and is widely available in the medical field for treatment of pain, wound healing and musculoskeletal conditions.

Here at the clinic we have already achieved extremely successful outcomes in the treatment of:



  • Scar tissue and adhesions around operation sites. The laser helps to break down scar tissue and make the scar less visible and more mobile. It also helps to speed up post surgery recovery.
  • Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
  • Non resolving epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Torn muscles and badly sprained ankles/wrists
  • Chostochondritis and general rib pain.
  • Chronic oedema
  • Fracture healing ( like ribs and collar bones)

Low level ‘cold’ lasers should not be confused with surgical lasers which are a different form of laser.  Cold laser therapy cannot burn or harm the skin.  Its effects are photo-biochemical, not thermal.


The physiological effects of laser therapy have been extensively researched and the details of the mechanisms are increasingly becoming understood.

When a part of the body is injured it starts to produce Nitric Oxide. The presence of Nitric Oxide prevents Oxygen entering the cell. Oxygen is needed in abundance for the cell to produce the energy needed to heal itself. The laser light frequencies actively displace Nitric Oxide,  so that Oxygen can flood in and normal cellular function can be restored.

In addition the laser light frequencies promote the growth of elastin and collagen which are the raw materials for the repair injured tissues. Research on cold laser therapy has also demonstrated both enhanced levels of endorphin release, and the suppression of pain messages previously sent to the brain.

Essentially by directly treating damaged tissue with appropriate light, laser therapy helps the body to heal itself.  It is especially effective for chronic conditions, or where the immune system is compromised, as it can also re-start a stalled healing process.


Patients can benefit from resolution of soft tissue injuries and pain syndromes with the discomfort and side effects of many other forms of treatment.

Patients respond quickly when treating soft tissue conditions and pain, with results usually evident in the first 1 – 2 treatments.

Laser therapy used in combination with general osteopathic techniques can offer dramatic pain relief and help rapid resolution of acute and chronic pain syndromes.



Treatment is quick, pain-free, easy to apply and effective.  Appropriate probes are placed on skin at particular points on or relating to the damaged area and light, which is controlled for wavelength, power, pulsing rate and duration passes into the tissue.

Depending upon the condition to be treated, laser therapy is offered on a  twice  or once weekly basis with progressively less frequent treatments until the condition has resolved.  The patient will feel nothing at the point of application, but may report a wonderful relaxed feeling, probably due to the laser’s effect on endorphin release as demonstrated in research.



Laser therapy is extremely safe.  Low level lasers are used to treat a wide variety of conditions in medical organisations across the world.  Often called ‘soft’ of ‘cold’ laser, the low intensity laser beam does not cut or burn and has no side effects, other than the feeling of relaxation.  Laser goggles are worn as precautionary eye protection.

Most people are suitable for therapy although there are certain cautions and contra-indictations as with any form of electrotherapy equipment – your clinician will advise.