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I come back when I need unless she feels I need  a follow up.  I trust her totally.  (more…)


The osteopathy treatments I received have been of great help to me. They do work!


Carol Harding

Highly recommend Alex for baby crainology (Osteopathy). Much more contented baby. Wish I done it sooner!

Christine O'Mahony

Alex is a caring and sincere professional and I would highly recommend her and her team.” (more…)


Alex is understanding, friendly and supportive. I trust her judgement and I have recommended her to family members and friends in the past. (more…)


I came to Alex in a bad way a few months ago complaining with dizzy spells and she has been the only one to get the bottom of the situation…Treatment after treatment there has been progress every time, I would highly recommend Alex to people and they are very welcoming in there too, you feel very relaxed. Thank you Alex!


We recommend Alex and her practice from the bottom of our hearts. (more…)

The Fitzgeralds

So glad I visited Alex, she has magic hands and has really helped my aches and pains, feel so much better after a treatment.  (more…)

Helen Brookes

I would highly recommend this to any woman after having a child both for mother and baby and the osteopath was excellent with my baby so I felt totally at ease during her treatments.  (more…)


Without question I have found great comfort and relief with the least amount
of stress/strain whilst having the treatments of Osteopathy with Eleanor. (more…)


I never heard about Osteopathy until I had a constant headache for 3 weeks which pain killers couldn’t even numb.


Alex is a lifesaver. Since I started going to her for treatments, I swear it’s the first time in years that I have no constant chronic back pain. I would and have totally recommended her for anyone that suffers from pain!!

Sinéad Twomey

From the moment I stepped into Alex Daly’s office, I was put at ease. (more…)